Top 10 Reasons to Hire for Import/Export Trade Compliance Issues

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Top 10 Reasons to Hire for Import/Export Trade Compliance Issues

The entry and departure of goods into and out of a country respectively has to be done within the confines of a given set of laws and regulations. In the United States there are certain enacted laws and regulations that govern this aspect of trade with the Customs Service ensuring that they are enforced to the later. Import/export trade compliance is when these laws and regulations are adhered to by the companies dealing in this field. This is important for any country to ensure that their competitive advantage in the global marketplace is secured while also ensuring that companies abide by the law to avoid chaos. This is a vital cog in the wheel that is global business and that is why it is important to hire the services of leading experts in this field to ensure compliance and prevent falling foul of the law. One of the safest pairs of hands when it comes to handling import/export compliance issues is and this article will look to highlight ten reasons as to why this is the case.

One of the main reasons for hiring them for import/export trade compliance issues is that they have highly qualified and experienced personnel in this field. This means that the services and representation you will receive from them will be highly effective and guaranteed to get the desired results. They will also help you avoid falling into the many pitfalls that many businesses risk falling into especially without the right expertise.

The next reason for hiring them is that they will help you in not only the developing but also in the maintaining of an import/export compliance plan for your business. This will give you the requisite tools to be able to respond with haste and appropriately to any enquiries by the authorities and therefore help in solving any compliance issues that may arise.

Another reason to hire them is that they have the requisite knowledge and expertise that will enable them to be aware of exactly when and how the various taxes and levies in the import/export world are to be paid. They will also provide you with the knowledge of which products are ‘zero rated’ and which ones are not. This will come in handy when trying to be compliant in this field.

Another advantage that you stand to accrue by hiring them is you will be able to avoid any adverse tax implications. This is because they will make use of their expertise of the industry to makes sure that there are no costs lost in the whole import/export process while ensuring things run as smoothly as possible making them very much worth hiring.

The fact that they are experts in the import/export compliance field, they will ensure that you as their client are in a position where you are always compliant with all the rules and regulations set by the government. The fact that by doing this, they help you avoid penalization by the government agents involved is yet another reason why it is extremely prudent to hire them.

The next reason we shouldn’t fail to mention is that when you hire them, they will without fail help you in performing an import/export compliance review of your company. They will then ensure that they do this on a regular basis and this ensures that you are not only compliant from the get go, but are kept abreast of any industry changes that may arise. This makes them extremely worth hiring.

Import/export compliance is not only for big companies and the fact that they offer the same services for the small businesses makes them worth hiring. Regulatory compliance for small businesses has its own intricacies, but they are well versed in them and will provide excellent services for small businesses in this field as well.

Their grasp of the many rules in this industry from the department of commerce rules and regulations which includes rules regarding the Denied Persons List (DPR) to the many U.S. government laws and regulations is impressive and all this knowledge will be at your disposal as their client in dealing with any issues that may arise.

Another reason worth hiring them is that they also help in transportation logistics by ensuring that you meet all the licensing requirements that are necessary for the transportation of goods into and out of the United States. This will help you no end in the transportation of goods for your company making them an extremely valuable partner.

The tenth and final reason for purposes of this article that makes hiring them for import/export trade compliance issues is they will help you in terms of the correct management of hazardous materials and what are referred to as dual munitions when it comes to both their import and their export. This is a very tricky sector, but with their expertise it will end up being as easy as you like.

The above ten reasons definitely put up a strong case for hiring for all your import/export trade compliance issues and from the testimonials of past clients it is clear they are worth their weight in gold.