About Panda Patent

We are a team of legal expertise for emerging technology. Our specialists can provide patent protection that can catalyze unparalleled business success by actualizing an edge over competitors. We can activate your enterprise’s chances of becoming a market leader. 

Are We a Good Fit?

If you are looking for a trusted, knowledgable specialist to protect your intellectual assets then our team can help. We provide consultation and guidance with IP strategy and IP agreement, we are experienced with patent preparation and prosecution, and we can manage your global portfolio.

IP strategy consulting

Protect your Intellectual Property (IP), whether it’s patents, trademarks, copyrights or confidential information, with our strategies for acquiring and managing IP assets.

Patent preparation and prosecution.

We are knowledgable with patent preparation and the patent prosecution process of writing and filing a patent application and pursuing protection for said patent application.

Global portfolio management

Panda Patent offers the necessary skills, knowledge @12th Fan Kids Jersey and resources to handle your global portfolios by implementing IP protection strategies worldwide; giving you that extra layer of protection.

IP agreements

Add extra security to your assets. Our specialists are experienced with drafting Intellectual Property Agreements for the purpose and sale of intellectual property rights.

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